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Good Water Makes Good Slip

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Mackie's Slip in Seminary, Mississippi has been the South's superior earthenware (ceramic) slip since 1968. Mackie Newton created his own formula to produce the best slip around. His secret is printed on every box, "Good Water Makes Good Slip". His son, Heber Newton, now ensures that the quality of the slip stays consistent. 

Mackie's Slip has minimal shrinkage and an extremely good greenware strength. Our slip complies with ASTM-D4236, rated NONTOXIC, and is fully compatible with the nontoxic low-fire glazes available from Amaco, Duncan, Gare, Laguna and Spectrum.

When properly fired to Cone 04 maturity, the slip is nearly pure white. Only fire the slip from Cone 04 to Cone 06 to ensure compatibility with all major brands of glaze and underglazes.

Our slip is packaged in 2-gallon boxes, premixed and ready for casting. A single 2 gallon box of slip weighs approximately 30 lbs. A full pallet of Mackie's Slip is 80 boxes (160 gallons), and weighs 2450 pounds including the weight of the pallet.

We are also a leading distributor of Alligator Clay and Laguna Clay. 

For high quantity orders and local pick-up, please contact us!! We do our best to get our customers the best price in shipping. 

If you have any questions and for best price please call our office at 601-722-4395.

For local pick-up or to ensure that you get the best price on shipping please contact us!

Prices  as of January 2020

Quantity of Pallets
5 pallets or more
4 pallets
3 pallets
2 pallets
1 pallet
1/2 pallet
1/4 pallet
Less than 1/4 of a pallet

Amount of Boxes
400 boxes +
320 boxes
240 boxes
160 boxes
80 boxes
40 boxes
20 boxes
19 boxes or less

Prices Per Box

Get the only slip made from an old family recipe. 

Crafted in the South's very own Baton Rouge, LA. 

The history of  a unique legacy.